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Application Process

*LCDF funds a limited number of new loans per month*



  • The 1st lien mortgage lender representative (LO) needs to review the LCDF Checklist under the resource tab. (Can you add a hyperlink here).


  • LO is responsible for pre-qualifying the applicant using the LCDF underwriting guidelines for the First Time Homebuyer DPA mortgage loan program.

  • LO can start the application process by applying online.


  • Once the application is complete( required documents uploaded) and signed , LCDF will review and determine eligibility within 3 business days.

  • There will be a 14-day waiting period between the approval date and the closing date.


  • The borrower is required to obtain a Homebuyer Education Training Certificate.


  • Acceptable classes are listed under the resource tab.

  • Applicants should contact the provider directly to sign up.


  • All additional required documents must be received by LCDF 5 days prior to the closing date.


  • LCDF must be notified of the closing date 3 days prior to ensure the processing time of funds.


  • LCDF will email all closing docs to the attorney and deliver the funds via certified check.


  • Closing attorney to return all closing docs to LCDF.

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