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LCG In Person Training

Lafayette Consolidated Government and Housing Counseling Services provide in-person training for all individuals interested in participating in our programs

2024 Education Schedule

Suburban Homes

Home Ownership Training

Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings


Attendance Required Both Nights

January 23-24

February 20-21

March 19-20

April 23-24

May 21-22

June 18-19

August 20-21

September 24-25

October 22-23

November 19-20

For more information, please contact the program directly:

Housing Counseling Services

111 Shirley Picard Drive, Lafayette, LA 70501


Pre-registration is required. Call in advance to reserve your spot. All services offered are FREE and available to the public.

If you have a disability, impairment, language barrier, or require an alternative means of accessing information

about housing counseling, please call to arrange


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