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Your Path to Financial Empowerment.

Our Mission

Empowering countless individuals with accessible mortgages and business capital, fueling the collective progress and enrichment of our community.

We have a growing list of programs, including future initiatives for businesses and individuals.

Our Board of Directors oversee a network of supporters and resources for every applicant.

What is upLFT?


Since its creation in 1998, a revolving loan fund of 3.8 million dollars has provided over 1000 first time home buyers with down payment assistance loans.

The First Time Homebuyers Program (“FTHP”) Down Payment Assistance loan assists qualified home buyers to obtain an affordable first mortgage loan through a private lender licensed by the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions.


The FTHP Down Payment Assistance loan is a loan up to $8,000 at 5.0% interest which may be applied toward down payment and/or closing costs.  This loan is secured with a second mortgage.  If the original homebuyer no longer occupies the house as his/her principal residence prior to the end of the 15 year loan term, the loan is due in full.  There is no pre-payment penalty associated with this loan.

The Lafayette Community  Development Fund (LCDF)  First Time Homebuyers Program is one of the primary financial vehicles that allows the LCDF to provide mortgage financing for low income families in our community.   

Our Board of Directors

Acadiana Leaders Committed to Housing & Capital Access for Everyone

Not Pictured : Paul Carter

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